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Steel Fibre

Steel Fibre :

Steel Fibre
Steel Fibre


Steel Fibres are widely used in concrete based composite projects worldwide. Steel Fibres are made under strict quality control process and gives excellent strength and durability to the concrete eliminating cracking. Steel Fibre is available in stainless steel grades and also in carbon steel grades. Steel Fibres can be supplied as per the specification of the customers.

Benefits :

  • Increase in Flexural strength
  • Improved concrete strength, impact resistance and toughness
  • Reduction in coating thickness of spread lining by 50%
  • Superior resistance to high temperature corrosion
  • Excellent Mechanical bonding helps in reduction in Micro cracking and spalling
  • Even dispersion

Applications :

  • Spread concrete
  • Security products like safes, vaults, strong rooms
  • Marine and hydraulic structure
  • Flooring and pavements, Industrial floor
  • Air field runways, Highway pavements
  • Precast shapes, Tunnel shotcreteing
Steel Fibre

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