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Polypropylene Fibre

Polypropylene Fibre :

Polypropylene cut fibre are fibres cut from continuously extruded polymer filaments called Tows Each individual fibre is cut to a precise length of 20mm / 6mm - 20m.

Polypropylene Fibre

Polypropylene Fibre for Refractory Reinforcement :

Precision cut Polypropylene fibre monofilament fibres are used to improve the "Green Strength" of refractory products. In addition to this reinforcement process, the fibre performs another important function. (On heating the refractory to start to dry it and later to start to "Fire" the refractory cement, the fibres initially shrink and as the temperature is increased, melt to form voids. The reduction in volume as the fibre shrinks and melts.) It allows trapped gases, especially water vapour to escape and prevent cracking of the refractory/refractory cement.

Typically, precision cut fibres of 5mm length long have been used in these applications.

Polypropylene Fibre for Construction Industry :

Fibre Reinforcement: - Precision cut Fibres

The problem of Cracking Concrete:

The fundamental problem with concrete is that it tends to crack due to reduction in volume.

The Solution:

However, this problem can be solved with Polypropylene Fibre valuable additives for the concrete world.

These concrete additives are fibres which increase strain capacity in the critical green stage of concrete. This limits crack growth and subsequent fracture, making concrete a reliable and durable material with its optimum properties intact. In other words Polypropylene Fibres provide crack control and remove the cause of weakness and thus intrinsically improve the concrete. This means that traditional steel mesh can be eliminate, as its only purpose is to hold fractured concrete together.

Advantages :

  • Inhibit crack initiation & Save placing on steel mesh
  • No corrosion of fibres
  • Include reliable properties in tension
  • Reduce number of joints
  • Protection of reinforcement
  • Reduce repair due to subsequent damage

Applications :

  • Ready-mix for Ground Slabs
  • Mortar and Plaster
  • Special Mortars & Shotcrete
  • Precast Elements & Cementitious Products


These advantages result in an improved quality of the concrete, all leading to a direct and indirect reduction of cost.

Qualities and Dosage :

  • Very high specific surface
  • Very good dispersibility and bond
  • Low density and Resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Can be used in conventional concrete formulations

A very low dosage of Polypropylene Fibre is sufficient to obtain the above qualities in concrete or mortar.

A typical dosage for concrete is 0.6 kg/m3. For mortar the typical dosage is 1.0 kg/m3.

Polypropylene Fibre
Polypropylene Fibre

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