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Melt Extract Fibre

Melt Extract Fibre :

Stainless steel Melt Extract fiber reinforcement offers substantially improved refractories' durability and performance.Melt Extract fibers reinforce refractory against cracking to extend and enhance refractory lifetimes. Our Melt Extract Fibres can be added to all monolithic refractories, from insulating to ultra-low cement refractory castable, ramming materials & moldable, precast shapes, gunning and shot creting mixes. Steel fiber reinforced refractories are now common place in a wide range of high temperature processing industries. Melt Extract Fibres are mainly used for reinforcement of refractory products in various industries, such as Petrochemical, steel, chemical, power station, cement and rock industries. Our grades of Melt extract Fibres are mentioned below.

  • Grade: 310#, 304#, 446#, 430#
  • Length (mm): 20, 25, 35, 50
  • Equivalent Dia: 0.42 - 0.55 mm

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