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Cellulose Fibre :

Cellulose Fibre is manufactured from recycled cellulose which contains minimum of 75% cellulose as its raw material base. Again this is processed in to grey fibres for use in variety of building and industrial application. These fibres can also be formulated to meet the specific needs of customer in any respect from actual particle size distribution to bag size and weight. This grey fibre provides a cost effective alternative to those industries which require reliable filler without the expense of pure alpha cellulose. In applications ranging from roofing products to pavement patching Cellulose Fibres provide variety of benefits and properties. Cellulose fibre is also extensively used in refractory castables, Basic spraying mass, Gunning and also in shotcreting.

Cellulose Fibre

Properties :

  • Insoluble in water and organic solvents
  • Resistant to dilute acids and alkalis
  • Average dosage 0.3% to 10% and moisture content < 8%
  • Random fibre mix produces better matrix building

Benefits :

  • Three dimentional cross linking effect adds stability
  • Thixotropic Control and Cracking Inhibitor
  • Shrinkage Control, Setting Time Control
  • Increase Volumetric Coverage
  • Longer open time and better adhesive strength
  • Increased green strength

Applications :

  • Roof coatings and Protective Coatings
  • Athletic Surface Coating
  • Crack fillers and sealers & different building products
  • Friction and gasket materials
  • Tundish refractory application also in Rubber and Plastic


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